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"'Go see Meridith! Quit complaining and go see Meridith.' That's what I heard from my boyfriend for 3 years. 'No,' I’d say. 'It’s my shoes, my pants are too tight. I’m going to try this wonder pill.' Nothing worked. Well, finally I went to see Meridith. The first 6 months were the hardest. I had to change the way I walk, sleep, get in and out of a car, think, and exercise. Meridith’s knowledge of the human body is very extensive. By the way, my boyfriend broke his back 20 years ago, and Meridith is the only person he trusts when he pulls a muscle, to re-adjust him. I’m very grateful for Meridith. So, quit complaining and go see Meridith!" — Nancy Bowdidge

"As a physician practicing Integrative Medicine, I continue to recommend Meridith Llewellyn’s "Total Body Alignment" to my patients. I have found that her work has definitely shortened healing time among individuals with postural and musculoskeletal problems. I have personally benefited from her work when I had severe lower back problems and derived immediate and noticeable relief from her treatments. She is a true healer with wonderful healing hands and a joyous, compassionate personality." — Benjo Masilungan, MD

"It has been my pleasure to meet Meridith and be a student in her yoga class. Meridith is not only an excellent instructor, but she has total knowledge of our bodies and how to take care of them. Along with her help and brilliance in her field, she has a terrific sense of humor. Thank you Meridith." — Dori

"My symptoms were a drooping eyelid and painful shoulder. After consulting with a osteopath and a neurologist, both of whom recommended expensive testing, Meridith spent 5 minutes with me to determine that my left shoulder was dislocated. The dislocation caused inflamation which pressed on a nerve resulting in the drooping eyelid. Meridith applied her techniques of realigning the shoulder and tendons and very quickly, my condition improved. She also gave me eye exercises to restore the affected eye muscles. I would highly recommend that anyone with body pain see Meridith first before a traditional medical practitioner. I continue to keep my body flexible and pain-free by doing the exercises in Meridith's Body-Owner's Manual." — Francie Droll, Graphic Designer

"I have been in Meridith’s yoga class since 1997. She is such a well-informed person who teaches us all about our bodies and how to take better care of ourselves. I enjoy her class so much because physically, mentally, and spiritually we are all in tune with our bodies. It is a very relaxed class—always a joke from someone sparking laughter, which we all know is so good for us. So Meridith I hope I will be exercising with you until I’m too old to move. Meridith we all love you."
— Dolores Schreiber

"Meridith is much more than a mere yoga teacher. She is a lifestyle coach, a health food counselor, and a spiritual advisor. Meridith’s holistic guidance is an inspiration to people of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds." — Pat Rarus, Marketing Manager

"Ever since I was first introduced to Meridith’s yoga class in 1994, I have been an ardent disciple, and continue to enjoy beginning my Monday’s, Wednesday’s, and Friday’s by attending her class. Actually I feel that the class should be named, "Yoga Plus" or "Mind Over What’s The Matter", as we learn various ways to fine-tune our bodies, improve balance, and even reduce girth. Each class incorporates the five basic poses I.e. forward, backward, sideways, twisting, and upside down. With each exercise benefiting different parts of the body. We learn that the origin of pain and tension in the muscles, stems from the mind; from an old trauma or emotional pain, and by proper breathing and various yoga exercises we can reduce this stress in the body. Meridith’s book, The Body Owner’s Manual and her video, also offers wonderful suggestions for keeping the body in A+ condition, and her booklet Travel Safe and Arrive Fresh, gives great suggestions for exercising while on long air flights. There are numerous other little nuggets of wisdom. I have gleamed from this class. I.e. 1) Proper sleeping positions. 2) Exercises to improve muscle tone while in the swimming pool. 3) The use of vitamins and homeopathic medicines to improve health, instead of using prescription drugs. 4) The connection of mind, body, and spirit through positive afirmations while performing the exercises. 5) Reflexology. This is indeed a very special class with something new to be learned each time. Meridith is never boring!!! She tolerates all of our interruptions, answers all our questions, and genuinely wants us all to be "PERFECT". "Lang may yer lum reek". (Irish meaning: Long may your chimney smoke.)" — Edna Kerr

"For years I had regular chiropractic adjustments and frequently found them less than satisfying because the "set" did not usually hold for very long. Then I discovered Meridith Llewelin and Sports Therapy Associates. What I found was someone who matches the specific energy of each person and works with their energy field, spiritually as well as physically. Her process is non-invasive and far more satisfying to my body than regular chiropractic adjustments. By maintaining a three-week cycle of appointments, I have found my overall body balance to be more in alignment than I ever have before. What really impresses me is Meridith’s ability to work equally effectively with a subtle body energy, such as mine, and a dense body energy, such as my husband’s, producing results that match our individual vibrational and physical energies in a dramatically stabilizing way. Because of her unique talent I have referred many of my clients to her. They too have had amazing results."
— Barbra Dillenger, MscD

"As this is the first yoga class I have enrolled in since 1976, I was pleasantly surprised to have lost 10 lbs. of body fat in a relatively short period of time. Meridith’s yoga class is leap years ahead of 90% of other yoga classes my wife and I had previously sampled. Other classes used cushions, pillows, various props, etc. or they never even got off the chair, and we are talking youthful people here. I feel invigorated, rejuvenated, and strengthened after every session conducted by Meridith. Meridith is a compassionate teacher with a knowledge of anatomy and physiology that she shares gregariously. She always takes the time to address medical symptoms and the effective removal precautions and educates us with safety practices. Meridith asserts physical, mental, and spiritual affirmations at every class with an emphasis on self-healing. Her meditative orations are beyond words as evidenced by shared chanting prior to departure of her every class. She also encourages a healthy sense of humor, encouraging jokes to help lighten a serious mood. It does not stop there, as Meridith dovetails and implements elements of hoola, ballet, facial isometrics, and aerobics into her yogic repertoire, applied at every class. Let me just say that after every Meridith yoga session I feel enough energy to run for miles. Finally, I believe I am not alone when I join-in with the rest of her large class and long-term devotees, by saying, "We love you Meridith!" Only Meridith can give our lives the kind of strength, purpose, and flexibility that others in other yoga classes can only hope to acquire someday. Well-performed is better than well-stated, dedicated to all people everywhere, in all countries, of all ages, and all professions, and all schools of thought, who have either directly or indirectly contributed to native knowledge, our birthright." — Jim Igo